A Game-Changing Decentralized Platform for the Wine Industry

CellarMetaverse by Wine・Nexus is the future of wine at its best, where NFTs, native tokens, and a global hub designed by experts merge to revolutionize communication and trading in the wine world. Utilizing mixed reality (MR), virtual reality (VR), and blockchain technology, this game-changing platform is tailored for wine enthusiasts, wineries, sellers, and industry insiders. Say goodbye to exchange fees and hello to a seamless, secure experience.

Catering to Various Categories


CellarMetaverse serves various categories within the wine industry:

• Wine Lovers & Collectors:

Rent or own meta-cellars, stock up on digital or hybrid wines, trade, and join gaming activities.

• Wineries:

Embrace a metaverse dimension with a Marketplace, gaming section, and NFT minting capabilities. Sell directly to customers immersed in your winery through VR.

• Sellers & 3.0 Wine Bank Network:

Create your space, join the network, and enjoy unique advantages as retailers.

• Events:

Attend virtual fairs, masterclasses, wine-tastings, and more – fully metaverse or hybrid!

Powered by Custom-Built Metaverse and Cutting-Edge Cloud Servers


CellarMetaverse delivers a lag-free, real-time experience powered by custom-built Metaverse and cutting-edge cloud servers. With ERC-721 standard NFTs on the Polygon blockchain, enjoy unmatched transparency and traceability. Get ready for the wine revolution you’ve been waiting for!