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The Ultimate Digital Ecosystem for the Global Fine Wine Industry

Wine・Nexus connects blockchain and WEB3.0 technologies to the global fine wine industry, creating a game-changing platform that adds value without disrupting traditional activities. As a decentralized B2B, B2C, and C2C trading platform, Wine・Nexus uses cutting-edge technologies like NFTs, VR, NFC, and AI to cater to the unique needs of the wine industry. With its native token WINEx, Wine・Nexus provides a seamless and secure system for purchasing products and services, and even governing the CellarMetaverse. Wine・Nexus is the go-to platform for wine enthusiasts, traders, wineries, sellers, and other stakeholders in the wine industry.


Revolutionizing the Wine Industry with Blockchain and Web3.0 Technologies

Wine・Nexus addresses the pain points of the wine industry by creating a comprehensive ecosystem that embraces blockchain and web3.0 technologies. With its specialized marketplace, digital cellar, knowledge hub, and authentication system, Wine・Nexus is transforming the industry and making it more accessible for all stakeholders.

Crypto World Wine Bank


The Crypto World Wine Bank (CWWB) combines blockchain, NFTs, and a secure central custody system to revolutionize the global wine market for enthusiasts and investors. Unlock a new world of wine trading with CWWB NFTs, tokens backed by top-quality wine, from single bottles to exclusive collections. Trade effortlessly on our NFT marketplace and enjoy increased liquidity with our wine-backed IWB token. Experience unparalleled security and transparency with CWWB’s advanced storage and monitoring systems. Our traceable ledger guarantees the quality and authenticity of your wine investments.

Italian Wine Crypto Bank

Built on the success of the trailblazing Italian Wine Crypto Bank (IWCB), CWWB is your gateway to the finest wines from around the world. IWCB, a user-friendly marketplace for exceptional Italian wines, is now extended to the global stage through CWWB. Buy wines using select cryptocurrencies or the native IWB token, and unleash the power of NFTs with IWCB’s innovative redemption system, backed by partnerships with prestigious Italian wineries.

• Argiano
• Baracchi Winery
• Boroli
• Casa E. di Mir afiore
• Castello di Banfi
• Castello di Perno
• Castello di Querceto
• Elena Fucci
• Fontanafredda
• Giuseppe Cortese
• Incontri
• La Regola
• Macchie Santa Maria
• Mazzei Castello di Fonterutoli
• Michele Satta
• Monteraponi
• Planeta
• Podere Il Carnasciale
• Poderi Gianni Gagliardo
• Ricasoli 1141
• Salustri
• Tasca D’Almerita
• Tenimenti Rossi Cairo
• Tenuta Impostino
• Tenuta Setteponti
• Tua Rita
• Vini Franchetti


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WineGuard: Tackling Counterfeiting and Ensuring Traceability

WineGuard by Wine・Nexus is the ultimate, affordable solution to tackle counterfeiting and ensure traceability in the wine industry. Combining NFC crypto tags, automation, and software, WineGuard delivers a lasting authentication guarantee for wineries and customers. Each bottle has a unique, tamper-proof identity, making it traceable throughout its life cycle. Users can detect irreversible status changes like opening and illicit refills, and access this information via a dedicated dashboard on the WineGuard platform. They can interact with wine producers, receiving information shared by wineries through the tag-associated landing page. Built on authenticity, quality, traceability, and consumer feedback, WineGuard’s encrypted NFC tags are easily accessible with just a smartphone. The tags are also a powerful marketing tool, helping wineries gather valuable consumer data and track bottle movements. Positioned before the cap and above the cork, these tags can be placed over or hidden by the cap, depending on the material.


A Virtual Space for Wine Enthusiasts and Traders

The CellarMetaverse is a unique virtual space where wine enthusiasts and traders can store and showcase their collections, backed by real advanced storage facilities. Dive into the world of wine by exploring the virtual cellars of other users, learn from experts, and make new connections.

Personalized Recommendations and Insights

Wine・Nexus’ knowledge hub, including SommGPT, Wine・Nexus Report, and CellarMetaverse, utilizes machine learning and AI to provide personalized recommendations and insights. Discover new wines tailored to your preferences, expand your knowledge, and stay updated on the latest trends and news in the industry.



Personalized Wine and Food Pairing Recommendations

SommGPT is Wine・Nexus’ own Natural Language model dedicated to the wine industry. Using an artificial neural network fine-tuned with Wine・Nexus’ proprietary dataset, SommGPT provides personalized wine and food pairing recommendations based on factors such as flavor, provenance, profile, and price. Trained on a vast amount of data on wines and dishes, SommGPT understands the nuances and complexities of pairing different foods with different wines, allowing customers to elevate their dining experience and discover new and exciting pairings.

On-Demand and Tailor-Made Solutions for Customers Worldwide

SommGPT is available on demand and tailor-made for customers worldwide, including restaurants, wineries, sellers, wine associations, and clubs. It can quickly adapt to new wine labels and menus, enabling businesses to offer an easily customized experience for their customers.